Founded in 1998, Pittsburgh Digital is an innovative engineering firm that provides product development, engineering, and production hardware for manufacturers of musical instruments and audio equipment.

DSP Software Design

Pittsburgh Digital is a recognized leader in audio DSP algorithm design for musical and audio applications, having an extensive library of algorithms that can be implemented in your products. We can rapidly prototype custom audio processing blocks and run them on real-time DSP hardware. Exceptional DSP functionality on our cost-effective hardware transports your new designs right to the assembly line with minimal NRE expenses.

For manufacturers who may be unsure about their own new product idea, Pittsburgh Digital can simulate the technology in question to provide a clear picture of performance and cost, dramatically reducing the expense of prototyping.

We have a growing list of audio effects algorithms in our arsenal. Please call to discuss your specific needs.

Room reverbs, Ping-pong delay, Flanger, Spring reverb,  Note onset detection, Vibrato, Vintage analog modeling, Limiting, De-essing and sibilance control, Looping, Auto-panning, Vocal removal, Guitar tuner, Classic EQ, Pitch shifting, Tap tempo control, Acoustical compensation, ADSR envelope, Sample and hold, Tweed amp models, MIDI-controlled effects, Fuzz distortion, Gated reverb, Lo-Fi bit reduction effects, Acoustic guitar effects, Dynamic effects, Tape saturation, Multi-voice chorus, British overdrive amp models, Octave effects, Low frequency enhancement, Echo, 1/3 octave EQ, Valve distortion, Wah models, Hall reverb, Bass effects, Cabinet emulation, Hum removal, Notch filtering, Parametric EQ, Non-linear processing, Phase shifter, Sample record/playback, Vocal effects, Feedback elimination, FIR filters, Compression, Multi-voice chorus, Chromatic tuner, Custom MIDI controller, Parametric EQ, Compression, Chromatic tuner, MIDI controller, Parametric EQ, Synthesis, Analog delay emulation, Tremolo, Time alignment, Rotary effects

We provide eXpress DSP (XDAIS) algorithms for all Texas Instruments DSP platforms.


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