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FM-Jam releases Tx3

FM Jam Inc. launches the worlds first digital effects processor for guitar that transmits amazing sounds through any FM radio. Play your guitar at the beach through a boom box.

FM Jam has begun shipping what may be the coolest portable guitar amp device ever the new and very uniqueTX3 Digital Amp/Effects Processor and FM Transmitter!

After nearly three years in R&D, FM Jam, Inc., recently began shipping the first units of the TX3 to customers across the United States and around the world. Rave reviews are already coming in from guitar players everywhere!

"With an FM Jam TX3," says San Diego-based guitarist Shaun Franks, an early TX3 user, "I don't need an amp. I can take it to a café; take it on the road. I can play in my car in a parking lot. So to me it's a convenience. And who wants to lug around an amp everywhere you go?"

Shaun is right: The TX3 is a hand-held, portable device which allows guitarists to easily carry awesome guitar tone with them wherever they may roam: the college dorm, the office complex parking lot, the family camp-out, a band member's rehearsal room.

Weighing in at less than 14-ounces, the TX3 combines amp and speaker cabinet modeling, and special effects digital processing with the ability to play through any FM receiver, anywhere on the planet. It couldn't be easier to get your tunes on the radio.

"To turn on a TX3 you simply plug your guitar into it and it turns on automatically," explains Wayne Preis, founder of FM Jam and creator of the device."And at that point it's broadcasting as well. All you have to do is match the radio station that you'd like to broadcast on to, and you're playing guitar on the radio."

The FM Jam TX3 has truly incredible tones and can make the most inexpensive, worn-out, beat-up old boom box sound like a guitar rig worth thousands. Of course you can use it with your guitar amp or PA system as well and you can even run your MP3 player through it!

There's so much more to this hot new, must-have product. Check out the TX3 today!

The FM Jam TX3 Digital Amp/Effects Processor and FM Transmitter is available now through the company's Please visit our FM Jam product page and the website for demonstration videos, sound samples, and more details.

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