Founded in 1998, Pittsburgh Digital is an innovative engineering firm that provides product development, engineering, and production hardware for manufacturers of musical instruments and audio equipment.


a/mi2812 DSP EVM

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Pittsburgh Digital proudly presents the a/mi2812 DSP module, the first complete DSP development platform designed specifically for audio/ musical instrument engineering. 

Coupled with cutting edge software and algorithms from Pittsburgh Digital, the a/mi-2812 gives you lightning-fast prototyping and ultra-quick time to market.

A wide variety of interface options makes this board the optimal tool for musical product development. You can plug into its ¼"  jacks, and play the a/mi2812 right out of the box. Connect your digital gear directly to the a/mi2812 optical S/PDIF. User interface connections are provided for real-time analog control. I/O connections for switches, LEDs, and MIDI are all right at your fingertips. The a/mi2812 also has a Texas Instruments High Performance Analog standard daughter card interface, should you decide to customize your analog hardware.

Pittsburgh Digital will be glad to provide custom DSP software for your design, or license one or more of our eXpressDSP-compliant algorithms.

Stereo ¼" balanced inputs
Digitally controlled stereo microphone pre-amps (Dual PGA2500)
24/192 111dB ADC (PCM1804
Stereo digital volume control (PGA2311)
24/192 106dB DAC (PCM1754)
Stereo ¼" outputs
One on-board real-time controller potentiometer
Two continuous controller ADC input jacks
Four ADC inputs on header for connection to additional controllers
TI High Performance Analog interface to daughter cards
 150 MIPS TMS320F2812 DSP
32x32-bit MAC operations
512K words Asynchronous RAM, up to 1M addressable
128K X 16 on-chip flash memory
C/C++ programmable, in fixed or floating point
Up to 56 programmable general-purpose I/O pins
JTAG Boundary Scan Support
Low-power and power-saving modes
16 channels of 12-bit ADCs for real-time control
MIDI in and out/thru
S/PDIF optical in and out
Chorus, Flange, Fuzz, Reverb, Octave pitch shift, Wah-wah
8 I/O pins on header for connection to LEDs or switches

The a/mi2812 was featured at the TI Developers Conference “tech playroom”. Read more here.



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