Founded in 1998, Pittsburgh Digital is an innovative engineering firm that provides product development, engineering, and production hardware for manufacturers of musical instruments and audio equipment.

Quadraverb 2 Studio
Multi-Effects Processor

The original Alesis Quadraverb was one of the best-selling effects products ever. Improving on the original design, Alesis released the Quadraverb 2 in 1994, and redefined what it means to have truly programmable effects.

Pittsburgh Digital president Michael Mecca designed and implemented many of the Quadraverb 2 DSP algorithms while an engineer at Fast Forward Designs, in Los Angeles. Fast Forward provided signal processing and control software for many of the great Alesis product lines including the Midiverb, Quadraverb, ADAT, and Quadrasynth lines.

The Quadraverb 2 was updated in 1996 and re-brand as the Q20. For more on the Q20, check out

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