Founded in 1998, Pittsburgh Digital is an innovative engineering firm that provides design and engineering services to the manufacturers of musical instruments and audio equipment.

Line 6 Digital Guitar Amplifiers
Flagship model tube-emulation digital
signal processing guitar amplifier

Having great guitar effects and awesome tube emulation enabled Line 6 to deliver amplifiers that took the guitar world by storm. While a design engineer for Fast Forward Designs, Pittsburgh Digital president Michael Mecca provided much of the pioneering DSP for the AxSys 212, and also did some early work on the Flextone amps. In addition to having great tube emulation, these amplifiers feature some great effects: fuzz boxes, chorus, phase shifters, delays, reverb, cabinet simulation, and much more.

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"In a three-year rocket ride not seen since the launch of the Mackie 1604, Line 6 has grown from just another inventor's-baby-blip-on-the-radar-screen into one of the top 5 guitar amp manufacturers. Music Trades recently named Line 6 the fastest growing company in the musical instrument industry. Now officially "pre-IPO," Line 6 is also on Inc. magazine's list of the 500 fastest-growing companies in the US...

Perhaps because they can continue to invent rather than cope with the consequences of invention, the core product team at Line 6 has held together pretty well. Three of the four patent holders (Doidic, Ryle and engineer Curtis Senffner) are still with the company and still focused on tomorrow's innovations rather than today's operational problems (the fourth, Michael Mecca, now runs his own consulting firm, Pittsburgh Digital). The premise of Line 6's product offering is stunningly simple: take the elaborate configurations of tubes, transformers, speakers, cabinets, recording environments, microphones and mic placements that produced the classic rock guitar tones, and turn them into digital algorithms that can be selected with presets instead of laboriously "dialed in" by tweaking control knobs up and down the signal chain."
- ProSound Web

"... I've found the Line 6 AxSys 212 to be 15 amps, effects and processors, all rolled into one. It's the only one I'll carry with me to my next gig and studio session. You should do the same."
- Rick Purdy

"For anyone needing a wide range of sounds on stage, or even in the studio, this little monster has a lot going for it.... Line 6 are to be credited for this amplifier, which not only makes physical modeling for the guitarist a very affordable, but it is also easier to operate than just about any other digital product I've come across. If you're skeptical, I suggest you try one of these amps out - I think you'll be pleasantly surprised." - Paul White

“…the 12 delays are surprisingly warm for digital, the random envelope filter is ultra cool…”   
- Mac Randall, Musician Magazine

“The digital delay… is exceptionally clean… The ultimate compliment any delay can get is that you don’t even think of it as a separate sound, and the AxSys delay is as neutral and uncolored as you’re likely to find.”  
- Jim Miller, Electronic Musician September 1997

"Great sound, portability, direct out for recording, easy to use, really opens up if you crank it, 4x4 interface (i.e., you can still program the thing if it's 4 AM and you've had 4 beers), and MIDI. If you've never really warmed up to digital, but hate replacing tubes, and are tired of hauling around a multieffects and an amp, this baby smokes. Major thumbs up."
- Craig Anderton

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