Founded in 1998, Pittsburgh Digital is an innovative engineering firm that provides product development, engineering, and production hardware for manufacturers of musical instruments and audio equipment.

At Pittsburgh Digital, creativity is at the heart of everything we do. We explore, invent, and execute ideas to provide exceptional musical products for our all of our clients. Manufacturers find that our designs are highly valuable and truly unique because we know the market as well as the technical issues. We know musical instruments inside and out from an engineering point of view, and just as important, from a musician's point of view. These multiple perspectives give us exceptional insight into the many engineering possibilities in the marketplace.

An intimate familiarity with one's instrument is a prerequisite for virtuosity. That’s why the tools that we design for audio and music production are also musically intuitive. Utilizing a broad expertise in computer science, cognition, and music production, Pittsburgh Digital elevates our client’s concepts into intelligent and enterprising product

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